Office of the Mayor

Cllr Bongani Mpengesi
Cllr Bongani Mpengesi

The key functions, powers and responsibilities of the Mayor are assigned by legislation: Section 56 of the Municipal Structures Act and Chapter 7 of MFMA as well as by resolutions of council passed from time to time to allocate specific responsibilities to the mayor.


  • To ensure effective political direction and decision-making
  • To ensure good liaison with local, provincial and national political structures.
  • To ensure the effective management of the executive committee
  • To ensure the effectiveness of mayoral forums.


  • Identify and develop criteria for the evaluation of strategies, programmes and services implemented to address needs of the municipality
  • Evaluate progress against key performance indicators
  • Monitor the management of the administration
  • Oversee the sustainable provision of services to the community
  • Perform duties and exercises powers as delegated by the council
  • Reports annually on the involvement of communities and community organisations in the affairs of the municipality
  • Gives attention to the public views and report on the effect of consultation on the decisions of council.

In Addition to the above the Mayor is assigned financial responsibilities as prescribed under Chapter 7 of the MFMA:

  • Providing general political guidance of fiscal and financial affairs of the municipality
  • Monitoring and overseeing the exercise of financial responsibilities assigned to the accounting officer and Chief Financial Officer in terms of MFMA.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure the municipality performs its constitutional and statutory functions within the limits to the municipality’s approved budget
  • Performing any other powers and duties that may be delegated by the council.

In terms of budgetary control:

  • On receipt of monthly budget statements or mid-year budget and performance assessment reports submitted by the Accounting Officer:
  • Ensuring that the public is informed promptly or any revision to the SDBIP
  • Submitting a report on the mid-year budget and performance assessment to the council by 31 January each year.


Telephone – 047 874 8706

Fax – 047 874 0010